Creation Process

Eco Friendly Plates

Mitti Leaf Dinnerware is made from fallen leaves of palm trees. The leaves are collected, washed in clean water, and then dried in sunlight. After that, they are steam pressed into plates, bowls, trays, cups and food containers.

Mitti Fallen Leaves (Sheath)

Mitti Leaves fall on the ground and are collected, each palm tree produces 10 to 15 leaves every year. These Leaves are collected and stored in a dry place, and if the Leaves are not collected, they become natural fertilizer in the soil. The Raw material sources are completely earth-friendly, renewable, and sustainable.

Mitti Leaves Fallen & Bundled

Dry Palm leaves are collected, bundled, and stored properly in a sanitary factory warehouse area.

Cleaning With Water

Eco-friendly Mitti leaves are cleaned in fresh water and sun dried before being heat pressed

Mitti Leaves are Shaped at High Pressure

Mitti Leaves finally turn into plates, bowls, trays, cups & food containers in this step. The plates and bowls are cleaned and edges are neatly trimmed. Since this is not treated with any chemicals or additives, the original colors remain in the products. There is no use of dangerous glues, dyes, or toxins in the entire process. The Mitti Leaf Dinnerware is ready to use after being inspected and packaged.

Leaves turn into appropriate Plates & Bowls

Leaves turn into appropriate plates & bowls Mitti Leaf Dinnerware can be used for picnics, parties, wedding events, catering events, and more. There is no need to wash or clean this dinnerware because it is disposable. The Mitti Leaf Dinnerware is sturdy, unique, natural, and a perfect fit for your next event.