Mitti strives to allocate its time in order to find naturally aesthetic products that best fit our valued customers’ needs.

The base of our business revolves around finding premium products within nature’s sustainable boundaries. Mitti’s core values are held up by three strong pillars. Our first pillar involves the most important part of our business, the customers. We offer excellent customer service by training our staff on understanding the value of our customers, as well as keeping them well informed about our products. Our second pillar is product quality.

We maintain and systematically check our inventory to make sure they are up to Mitti’s standards. Our products speak for our team, and that is why we consistently offer high quality and well maintained products. Mitti’s final pillar is research. In order to grow our business and keep our customers happy, Mitti is constantly looking for exciting and new products. We at Mitti welcome you to our website and we hope you have a quality experience with our products and our staff.

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2015 Fabulous Food Show

“ The 10th annual Fabulous Food Show returns to the I-X Center November 13-15, 2015. This is not your ordinary cooking show, it's a full weekend of food, fun, and entertainment! ”